Kyaw Kyaw Winn has been an avid photographer for more than two decades. He has always been interested by photography and has started developing this hobby while he was still in middle school. His passion of the craft was ignited after he attended a basic photography course in 1998. Now after 19 years, he is judge member and also tutor of this photography class from "Myanmar Photographic Society". He writes many photography and travel photography articles in the local magazines and journals. He is no stranger to accolades and awards, having won over 600 main prizes of them after participation in local and international photo contests. Most of them, Grand Prizes from ‘Smithsonian USA’, China, Thailand and Gold Prizes from Korea, China, Cyprus. First Prizes from ASEAN, Thailand, USA, Singapore, Nepal, Philippine, England and Japan. He was also specially invited to participate in the JENESYS Program held in Tokyo, Japan in 2008. He lived three months in there and participated in this program together with other artists from over the world. He won "Grand Prizes in the 9th and 10th International Photographic Contest of Prince Naris" Thailand. He also participate in many special photo programs such as "7 days in Myanmar Multi media program, 2013", " The International Photographer and writer Thailand 2013" "ASEAN Eye Culture 2014" "Northern Life of Thai 2017" and other international programs. He also organized and lead the photography projects in Myanmar named "Yangon Circle 2015" and "We live in Yangon 2016". President of Myanmar Photographic Society Official X-Photographer of FUJIFILM. Books 2010 : The images sketch with light 2013 : 7 Days in Myanmar 2016 : All about behind my International Prizes winning photos Vol. 1 International Photography Programs 01: JENESYS International Art Exchange Program 2018 in Tokyo, Japan 02: 7 days in Myanmar Multi media Program, 2013 in Yangon, Myanmar 03: The International Photographer and writer Thailand 2013 04: ASEAN Eye Culture 2014 in Thailand 05: Medan International Photography Weeks 2019, lake TOBA , North Sumatera - Indonesia 06: Northern Life of Thai 2017 in Thailand 07: JAILOLO International Photography Week 2019, Indonesia 08: The 9th Duyun International Photography Exhibition Week 2019 08: World Photographers See Luoyang, China 2019 Honors 2007 Associate of the Myanmar Photographic Society (A.MPS) 2008 Fellowship of the Myanmar Photographic Society (F.MPS) 2009 Proficiency of the Myanmar Photographic Society (P.MPS) 2012 Honorable highest distinction of Photo Art Society Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia (Hon.FPSBP) 2019 Fellow of ASIA Photographers Union (Singapore) (FAPU) 2019 Honorable distinction of Upper Myanmar Photographic Society (Myanmar) (Hon;UMPS) 2019 Honorable Fellow of PERSONA-International (India) (Hon;FPI) Photography Exhibition (Main) 2005 1st Time One man show Photo Exhibition (Alliance Française De Yangon) 2006 4 Channels Photo Art Exhibition (Azada Art Gallery – Yangon) 2007 2nd International Invitation Photo Art Exhibition (Johor – Malaysia) ASEAN Young Photographers Photo Exhibition (RELC Hotel Auditorium. - Singapore) 2009 Culture & Life Style of Japan Photo Art Exhibition (Japan Embassy Yangon) 2010 ASEAN Young Photographers Photo Exhibition (Shangri-La Hotel. - Singapore) 2011 "Next 10 Year" Art and Photo Exhibition (Tokyo Wonder Site- Japan) 2012 "3G Photo Exhibition" (Junction Square Center, Yangon-Myanmar) 3rd International Invitation Photo Art Exhibition (Johor – Malaysia). 2013 International Photographer & Writer (Bangkok, Thailand) 2014 The Month of Photography Myanmar (Canon Salon Gallery-Tokyo, Japan) 2015 ASEAN Eye Culture ‘Focus on Southern of Thailand’ (Bangkok, Thailand) 2016 My Memorial Solo Photo Exhibition (Yangon, Myanmar) 2017 ASEAN Culture Photo Exhibition (ASEAN-Korea Center, Seoul, Korea) 2019 Myanmar X Photographers Photo Exhibition (Sule Square, Yangon)